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Allergy Testing Amarillo TX

Children’s Healthcare Associates is a Pediatric Clinic That Provides Allergy Testing for Children with Quick Results.

Allergy Testing Amarillo TX

Allergies can make even the toughest adults miserable. For children, allergic reactions can not only cause symptoms that are uncomfortable and cause distress, but for some children, allergies to certain things can be life-threatening. At Children’s Healthcare Associates, we are proud to offer comprehensive allergy testing for children of all ages, so you can keep them safe and protected now and throughout their lives.

Understanding your child’s allergies is an important step in ensuring you can provide them with the care they need to stay safe and healthy. Our board-certified pediatricians and experienced nurses can provide you and your child with the comprehensive medical services they need and deserve. We are proud to serve the Amarillo community by providing necessary healthcare, as well as counseling and education for parents who have questions about what is best for their child.

Allergy testing is typically done one of two ways. A blood test takes a small sample of blood and measures the presence of specific antibodies. In particular, immunoglobulin E (IgE) is the most commonly linked antibody to allergy immune response in the body. A blood test can typically screen for approximately 10 of the most common allergy triggers, including those for weeds, grasses, trees, pet dander, and dust. A blood test can also be very helpful for diagnosing specific food allergies. An elimination diet is another method by which food intolerances can be identified.

For many people, a skin test is an excellent way to screen for a large number of potential allergens at once. A skin prick test introduces diluted allergens into the top layer of the skin. Your pediatrician can then evaluate the reaction your child has to each allergen and precisely identify those which they are most allergic to. Skin testing is typically done only on children who are at least 6 months old. Allergens that are identified by a skin test can be rated on a scale of 0-4+ to indicate each one’s particular severity.

You may not know whether your child requires allergy testing. However, it is especially important to bring your child to a pediatrician for allergy testing if they have asthma, skin rashes including contact dermatitis or eczema, irritated nasal passages, or if they have any adverse reactions to food, medications, or insect stings. Parents should also watch for cold-like symptoms in their children that last for more than a week or that occur around the same time each year. Indoor allergens can sometimes be the cause of nighttime coughing and wheezing.

If you are interested in important allergy testing for your child, contact Children’s Healthcare Associates in Amarillo today. Our experienced pediatricians and knowledgeable nurses can provide comprehensive testing services that will precisely identify specific allergens your child is sensitive to. We believe in empowering parents to keep their child safe and healthy, and knowing what your child may have an adverse allergic reaction to is an important part of ensuring you can. Let us help you and your family stay happy and healthy all year round.

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