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Loving Pediatricians and Pediatric Staff at Children’s Healthcare Associates Available 5 Days a Week to Treat Newborns and Children from Pre-Adolescents to Teens. Our Pediatric Services Include Allergy Testing, Prenatal Care, Well Child Visits, Sports Physicals. Call (806) 216-6896 to Schedule an Appointment Today.

Amarillo Pediatricians

What does a pediatrician do?

If you happen to be wondering what a pediatrician does, it is almost easier to think about what a pediatrician doesn’t do. They are specialized in every aspect of children’s health – these pediatric specialists can be involved in so many critical aspects of a child’s medical health and their mental development. Overall, your pediatrician should be the first person to call when your child falls ill or becomes injured.

Pediatricians are highly focused on the physical, emotional/mental, and social health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults that are up to age of 21. Because they work with so many aspects of children’s health, they’re highly trained in assessing, detecting, preventing, and managing any medical issues that can affect children and their development. This type of healthcare can involve anything from treating the common ear infection to talking to their parents about school or behavioral problems. Another important aspect is seeing kids for well-child checkups, all annual exams and giving children their vaccines and proper immunizations.

What treatments and medical services can my pediatrician help my child with?

As mentioned, there are many health conditions that pediatricians are able to help children with. Some of the most common include some of the following:

  • Administer immunizations and vaccinations
  • Treatment of dislocated shoulders or elbows
  • Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Removal of foreign bodies like splinters
  • Splints and broken bones
  • Circumcision

Should I find a pediatrician before I have my baby?

There are many parents who will want to find a pediatrician and develop a relationship with that doctor before their baby is born. While pregnant, parents are able to do plenty of research about pediatricians in their area and find one that accepts their insurance and is also close to their home or work.

Once parents have decided on a pediatrician, they are able to meet with them to share any family medical history and make a detailed plan for the care of the baby when he/she is born. The pediatrician will also give information about any possible postnatal emotional ups and downs, schedule a circumcision, or talk with parents about any other areas of concern that they might have as a parents-to-be. Parents could also make plans to work with their pediatrician to schedule a visit to meet the baby while parents are still in the hospital or their birthing center. It always helps parents to find a pediatrician in advance so that they have one less thing to stress about after their baby is born.

Why should I go to Children’s Healthcare Associates for pediatric care?

Our mission at Children’s Healthcare Associates is to ensure that we always provide excellent and compassionate health care to your child. All of our doctors are Board-Certified pediatricians and help parents and caregivers raise healthy children so that they may live very full and rich lives. Our doctors and pediatric staff look forward to meeting you and your child! We treat patients from all surrounding areas, some of which include: Canyon, TX, Bushland, TX, Tulia, TX, Dumas, TX and the areas throughout the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

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